An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company



Our sustainable strategy aligns with the overall business strategy and reflects a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of our key stakeholders.

The key drivers of our approach are: proactive engagement with our stakeholders; attracting and retaining the best talent; our provision of a safe and healthy working environment; focus on using environmentally friendly technologies and drive to conserve natural resources. We have a set of ambitious targets to optimize our natural resources usage. Water and energy conservation performance has been promising and has exceeded our targets in some instances.

Our people are our valued asset and our vision is to build a flexible, agile and flat organisation with world-class capabilities and a high-performance culture.

We are committed to achieving the best practices in health safety and environment at all of our sites. Our systems are well established and are regularly reviewed and monitored taking into account our own experiences and industry best practices. We believe we have a responsibility to engage with the communities in which we operate and to foster their social and economic development. These principles are embedded across the organisation and are a key element of our employee training, development and performance at all levels.

Through this strategy we are dedicated to meeting our sustainable development challenges. We have a well-defined sustainable development framework that comprises of governance structures and policies, that act as pillars and supports our sustainable development endeavour.